Ez Reach Light Switch "Made in the USA"

Ez Reach Light Switch is a product that is owned and developed by Plantation Creations, LLC. It is the brainchild of both Rich Carlisle and Rob Montaño, two California natives who grew up on the beaches of sunny Southern California. Rich and Rob were both brought up with the values that family comes first and work hard for what you want. As the business and friendship have continued to grow, the strong family values and morals are evident in every aspect of the company. Plantation Creations, LLC prides itself on doing business the way they were taught and continue to teach their families, fairly and honestly.

Rich and Rob were brought together later in life by a surfing buddy, and they believe, fate. They both had a similar idea for a light switch that would change the way children, disabled people, and adults turn on and off the lights forever. They have both overcome many personal obstacles and family losses, which have given them the drive and strength to launch this product; as well as many others they are currently working on. They are friends first and partners second, and have close family ties that have helped to hold them together through ten years of trial, error and perseverance. Although Rich Carlisle is no longer a Principal with Plantation Creations, LLC. his contributions and friendship will always remain an important part of the foundation of this company.

Our Characters:

Our Characters are named "Wags" the pup, "Whiskers" the Kitten and "Monty" the monkey. Monty is also our Montaño family nickname. The charaters were created Plantation Creations but perfected by Jason Peltz of Peltz Productions, who started drawing Mickey Mouse at the age of 3 at the hopes of one day working for Disney. Jason graduated Carnegie Mellon with an illustration degree, which was put to use in NYC at Jim Henson Productions, Marvel Comics and Disney Consumer Products. At this point Jason was bitten by the animation bug and moved to Chicago. There he worked for Startoons on such projects as Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Tiny Toons. After gaining some experience Disney brought Jason to Orlando giving him the opportunity to draw Mickey Mouse professionally. Jason's credits include "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", "Hercules", "Mushu from Mulan", "Tarzan", "Kuzco from the Emperor's New Groove", "Jumba from Lilo and Stitch" and "Koda from Brother Bear" and much, much more. Jason added sculpting to his resume doing the "John Henry Marquette" for the Disney Produced Short. Jason's is now a full time freelance artist and we are honored to say he designed our characters.


About: The Mechanism and Product

The EZ reach mechanism is US Patented and is the result of many hours of research and dedication making certain that it would work on every light switch, no matter the manufacturer. Like similar light switch extensions on the market today, Ez Reach mounts directly over your wall switch but Ours does not require any unseemly adaptors to work on both Toggle and Décor or even multi switch plates. Our patented rocking mechanism also sets us apart because our back and forth motion dissuades kids from hooking their fingers over of our competitors push/pull extender, possibly pulling your wiring right out of the wall. With Ez Reach Light Switch there is no worry because we are made in the USA from  non-toxic, “self-extinguishing”, durable plastic. We are proud to say "Our Product has always been and will always be be manufactured and shipped from right here in America. We have never had a product returned but if we ever do, we will replace it at no cost to you. We would not sell a product that we do not believe in 100%. And if you won’t take our word for it, please take the time to read what our Customers have to say about us in our Testimonials. 

Thank you,

The Ez Reach Family...