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Hi Rob, 

Thank you for the personalized email.  It’s nice to see that there are still companies out there who listen to the customer and actually read the feedback that we take the time to write. We received the 2 light switches the other day; installation was a breeze and the product works as per my expectations.

I’m a very strong advocate of ‘word-of-mouth’, and since we’re delighted with the product, we’ll be sure to point friends and family to your organization.  Get that Goggle search engine working for you, so they can find you! 

As a side bar, we’ve been looking for this type of product for some time and asked at numerous baby/maternity stores to no avail.  I’m not sure how you reach out to all these small niche companies, but the storekeepers that I spoke to seemed interested in a product like this but didn’t know anything like this existed.  I think the market is yours to win.  We wish you the Best of Luck with your marketing campaign.  

-Jason Balcombe & family



Thank you so much for calling me.  I really appreciate the great customer service! 

I have truly LOVED these for my kids.  It has really made it a lot safer for my daughter because before she would climb onto the tub to reach the light switch and I always worried she would fall and hit her head. She no longer climbs on the tub!  I will also share your product on my personal Face book page and You are more than welcome to share my comments if you like. I really have an appreciation for these and would love to see you guys succeed,  I  Just LOVE Monty the Monkey,  he's so cute. 

Thank you for the Great Product and have a wonderful day.

Erika Johnson

 These are just a couple examples of the letters we receive from our Customers... Thank you...